Transaction protection

All transactions within the system are proceeded under transaction server’s control, which guarantees a successful money transaction within 0.4 sec, excluding the risk of a loss or delay.


The clearness of the service. A fixed 0.5% of a transaction commission (the minimum commission is $0.05 or €0.05). The commission amount is always rounded in the client’s favour.

Easy migration

To simplify the process of migration, we have created a way to get a client’s public account # using e-mail, but this account exists only for automotive migration and is not included into the client’s accounts list.

Easy API

Unified API allows to migrate to NixMoney payment service without difficult adaptation procedures. The system confirming the proceeded transactions makes a number of attempts, and each one of them may last up to 10 seconds.


There is no more trouble with double payments of payment requests. Any payment request with a number can be paid only once to the only account. This solution excludes double payment troubles.


A convenient profile account with an easy user’s interface - a guarantee of comfortable work with NixMoney.

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